We care about our customers and leading the way with our veterinary equipment. 

When you choose MEDEquus, you're opting for high-quality and resilient equipment underpinned by innovative technology.  Designed for superb performance and features that can truly benefit your work both in clinic and out on the road. 

We don't just deliver your equipment and then leave you to it - our comprehensive training and how-to videos (hosted on our e-learning portal) enable you to feel confident examining, diagnosing and treating cases.

Guaranteed loan equipment and priority repairs (available with our maintenance and support packages) prevent unnecessary downtime should your equipment need a service or repair.

Worldwide presence
We've delivered and supported our products in 32 countries
Trusted and reliable
Support and service is of utmost importance to us
High-quality engineering
Our products are built with longevity and reliance in mind
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Nothing else on market comes close

"I have been a longstanding client of MED Equus and considered the machine based on Martins recommendation. Once I trialled the Neovet I was taken in by its power, simplicity and quality of build. The features I particularly like are its effectiveness and the results to date. Also its weight and build quality.

Nothing else on market comes close and I would recommend this product to others. We have had consistently good results with large horses on backs and leg injuries and very good feedback from riders. "

Shane Fouhy – Hampshire Equine Clinic
Our products can be configured to suit your requirements and usage to ensure maximum return of investment for you.
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