The DV3 and dental camera offer the ideal balance between high quality images and battery powered portable screens

"The price is comparable to other dental units on the market. Most HD cameras require a laptop and this is often not practical when out of the clinic and in the horse’s stable. Other portable units produce substandard images for reports and presentations. The DV3 and dental camera offer the ideal balance between high quality images and battery powered portable screens that can be attached to the stable door "

Sam Bescoby - Bescoby Equine Vets
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This MEDView DV2 has fulfilled our requirements and as a results we are delighted to have purchased this system.

"We have been looking for a high quality, fully mobile video-endoscope with good ability to annotate images for use for pre-sales video scopes for horses going to public sales and for private vettings for several years but have been unable to find a suitable system. The MEDView system is good to use, and there is significantly less equipment around the horse when performing video-scope in horses compared to using standard video-scopes. The images and videos are easily saved and transferred to computers etc. Primarily this will be used for pre-sales video-endoscopy for thoroughbred sales (particularly yearlings) at public auction. This MEDView DV2 has fulfilled our requirements and as a results we are delighted to have purchased this system."

Ian Cameron - Rossdales
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The most user-friendly gastroscope on the market

"It's by far the most user-friendly gastroscope on the market. Having everything battery operated and very, very portable means it's easy to move from one horse to the next and scope multiple horses on a yard much more efficiently than we could ever do with other scopes. Also not having the need for electrics at the yard has made gastroscopy available for some of our clients that couldn't have it before.


Sanne Wilmink
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Best thing we've ever purchased

"To be honest the gastroscope is now out 3-4 times a week…. best thing we've ever purchased!"

Rick Farr - Farr & Pursey
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Ticks all of the boxes

"We only invest in equipment that is able to deliver clinical excellence in the most ambulatory of environments. Cross platform data access, portability, battery powered, compact and easy to use “in the field” are all prerequisites for any of our purchases. The DV Gastro ticked all of these boxes"

Rick Farr - Farr & Pursey
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Equipment Care and Maintenance

"Not only are MED Equus professional and understand our needs but they provide excellent support in equipment care and maintenance.... I've not seen that level of customer care from any provider of veterinary equipment before or since."

Tim Beauregard - Summerhill Equine Veterinary Partnership LLP
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Does exactly what it says on the tin

"MED Equus are professional, well informed and business like. Does exactly what it says on the tin, with excellent communication and back up."

Shane Fouhy - Hampshire Equine
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A picture paints a thousand words

"I use the MEDView daily in pre and post-race scoping of racehorses. It has been a very useful tool in assisting owners and trainers in decision-making. I can quickly send a short video or picture via my phone - a picture paints a thousand words. The 2.8mm tracheal wash channel sealed the deal in my decision making. The scope is very simple to use and I am extremely happy with the product and service"

Peter Hynes - Yorkshire Equine Practice
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A first rate experience

"The experience of dealing with MED Equus is first rate. The after sale service has been exceptional.... always been at the end of the phone to answer queries and equipment has always been dispatched promptly when required. First rate service."

Ed Lyall, Sussex Equine
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Staff travel long distances to meet with vets to discuss their needs

" “What I like most about the Haico tables is the sense of weightlessness. Even with a 700 kg horse on the table, it is easy to move the horse and table, easy to adjust the panels, and easy to alter the table height.

I would recommend the table above others for the above reasons but also because of the extra supports tributes which allow you to position the horse and limbs in almost any configuration. The table is also sealed and therefore self-contained so easy to clean after surgery.

MED Equus gives exceptional service. You simply phone up, speak to someone you already know, and immediately get the information you require. The staff travel long distances to meet with vets to discuss their needs and how MED Equus can help. On site tutorials for new equipment are invaluable.”"

Jessica Kidd - Vet
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Quality products and Excellent service

"The training we received from the team at MED Equus has been outstanding and was one of the reasons why we purchased this product at our clinic in the first place. It has been a pleasure working with MED Equus."

Kirstine Praestegaard - Horsedoc Denmark
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Nothing else on market comes close

"I have been a longstanding client of MED Equus and considered the machine based on Martins recommendation. Once I trialled the Neovet I was taken in by its power, simplicity and quality of build. The features I particularly like are its effectiveness and the results to date. Also its weight and build quality.

Nothing else on market comes close and I would recommend this product to others. We have had consistently good results with large horses on backs and leg injuries and very good feedback from riders. "

Shane Fouhy – Hampshire Equine Clinic
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