Neovet training

As leading specialists in equine veterinary equipment, we strive to provide a top quality service, offering a range of bespoke solutions to meet various veterinary needs. This includes our clinical training services that are available with the purchase of any piece of equipment.

Guaranteed to build your confidence in using our equine veterinary equipment, our training and consultation services are carried out by our team of fully trained UK engineers. This team of experts regularly conduct servicing and repairs and, thanks to this, they are completely confident with all the ins and outs of our equipment, making them the best people to provide you with training and consultation.

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Why choose us?

We're different from other businesses; our training goes above and beyond. We don't just show you how to switch something on; we want to ensure that you are fully confident with how to operate every element. Our aim is that, once your training is complete, you are fully aware of how to get the best out of the equipment within a clinical environment.

 Below we have listed a few example topics that would be covered in your training but we are, of course, more than happy to address any other queries you may have:


  • Training and CPD on using a gastroscope in a horse, navigating to the pylorus
  • Do’s and don’ts of using the scopes, to prevent any damage taking place whilst the product is in use
  • Training and CPD on upper/lower respiratory endoscopy and reproductive procedures
  • Cleaning and routine maintenance of endoscope to maintain biosecurity

Neovet shockwave

  • How to use the shockwave clinically
  • How and why to utilise the different probes for different conditions


  • Health and safety training and CPD
  • The process of how to use the laser
  • Training on how to get the best from the laser for sarcoids and melanoma’s through to trans-endoscopic work in both airway and reproductive surgery

Haico tables

  •  Using the table to achieve optimum performance
  •  Getting the best from the table during operating environments
  • Providing a bespoke package based on clinical caseload

Our expertise, together with these handy tips and tricks, will leave you with full confidence in your equipment's use, care and maintenance. But, of course, should you encounter any issues or have a question after your training is complete, our team of experts will always be on hand, ready to help.



Our expert team can answer any questions you may have about our products and services.