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Haico Telgte Pro III

The  Pro III is the newest Haico operating table on the market, boasting several advantages to other operating tables. Five years of research along with valuable veterinary consultancy from Dr. Josef Boening has enabled Haico to produce their latest table, the Haico Pro 3. With outstanding new features including 4 way tilt for cutting edge surgery, increased size, improved table access for surgeons, purpose designed air padding, twin speed wireless remote control, unique anti-corrosion surface with 10 year battery life. The Haico Pro 3 takes equine surgery to a new level and enables the surgeon to operate efficiently through a range of procedures.

Main benefits of the Haico PRO3 surgery table:

  • 4-way tilt – new lateral tilt +/- 15% ideal in abdominal surgery for decompressing cecum overload and in lateral recumbency!
  • table top available in two different sizes – Medium and Large
  • all side panels are easily removable
  • head support can be moved sideways
  • control buttons located in front for easy access during operation
  • two speeds on lift for unloaded / loaded  table
  • new special treatment on all metal surfaces
  • special battery
  • minimum height only 30 cm (1 ft)
  • fully loaded with all accessories available
  • documented quality and testing report included


Weight (kg) 420
Maximum load (kg) 1300
Maximum height (mm) 1120
Minimum height (mm) 320
Width (mm) 1050 (without middle panels 500)
Length (mm) 2900


At MED Equus we aim to offer quick service coupled with excellent customer satisfaction. Full servicing is available and service intervals will be advised based on usage to help lower costs.

All servicing and repairs are carried out in house for surgery tables.


  • Trade-in available.
  • Work with UK Finance Companies to work out the cost of purchasing equipment.

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