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Haico Telgte II

The Haico Telgte II has excellent build quality and features some of the following advantages for ease of use, safety and function:

  • Low 12V voltage
  • Cable free electric unit
  • Protected structure
  • Functionality:  Longitudinal tilt. Height and all panel adjustments can be controlled steplessly. For special surgeries, pelvic angle and head support angle can be changed in both directions. Mobility single-handedly even when loaded.
  • Narrow middle parts to prevent back strain
  • Side panels can be let down for more patient accessibility
  • Seamless, pressure-water-washable structure


Haico Testimonial - Jessica Kidd

 “What I like most about the Haico tables is the sense of weightlessness. Even with a 700 kg horse on the table, it is easy to move the horse and table, easy to adjust the panels, and easy to alter the table height.

I would recommend the table above others for the above reasons but also because of the extra supports tributes which allow you to position the horse and limbs in almost any configuration.  The table is also sealed and therefore self-contained so easy to clean after surgery. 

MED Equus gives exceptional service. You simply phone up, speak to someone you already know, and immediately get the information you require. The staff travel long distances to meet with vets to discuss their needs and how MED Equus can help. On site tutorials for new equipment are invaluable.”

 Haico Testimonial - Thomas Witte

 “The Haico table is the gold standard in equine operating tables. It provides a flexible yet stable surface and allows for a full range of positions. Whether performing an upper airway surgery in dorsal or lateral recumbency, or minimally invasive surgery of the limbs, the Haico table provides optimal operating conditions on each occasion.

The table provides optimal cushioning for the patient to avoid compression related complications, whilst not compromising on patient and operating field stability. The table is straight forward to charge and move and can be decontaminated and disinfected easily. It can handle a range of sizes of patient, remaining easy to manipulate in the OR, and accommodate to a range of surgeon shapes.

The Haico table comes with a broad range of accessories to enable accurate positioning and control for the full range of equine surgical procedures. Vertical and horizontal bars enable limbs to be supported rigidly or flexibly as required. The modular design means side panels can be added or removed as necessary granting improved access or providing additional support where needed. Trendelenburg position is easily achieved and adjustments can be made rapidly and smoothly when required. A range of positions for the head support allows perfect positioning during airway surgeries and head elevation to avoid nasal congestion at other times. Importantly, none of these features result in compromised patient safety or surgeon comfort.

Med Equus handle our Haico table servicing and are very responsive to our needs, even at short notice.”





Weight (kg) 420
Maximum load (kg) 1300
Maximum height (mm) 1120
Minimum height (mm) 320
Width (mm) 1050 (without middle panels 500)
Length (mm) 2900


At MED Equus we aim to offer quick service coupled with excellent customer satisfaction. Full servicing is available and service intervals will be advised based on usage to help lower costs.

All servicing and repairs are carried out in house for surgery tables.


  • Trade-in available.
  • Work with UK Finance Companies to work out the cost of purchasing equipment.

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