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Telemetric Endoscopy Consultancy

We offer a bespoke consultancy hire service for telemetric endoscopy. The procedure can be carried out at your gallops, arena, veterinary premises etc.

We offer the first commercially available non-jockey based, remote upper airway endoscope available to the equine veterinary world. We have helped perform more than 1200 examinations on all breeds of horse which has aided in the diagnosis of problems such as DDSP (dorsal displacement of the soft palate), paralysis of the larynx and impingement of the aryepiglottal folds along with other less well known upper airway disorders. Along with a live image a video is then stored onto a hard drive and can be studied post examination.





The telemetric endoscope has been developed to satisfy market demand and has excellent features including:

  • Telemetry – Ability to view URT remotely during positioning at rest & exercise
  • Xenon light source with 4 guides, 120 vertical degree field of view
  • Able to view the pharynx & larynx
  • Quick release endoscope mechanism
  • Key safety features for the horse & operator
  • Fully immersible scope/processor
  • Avoids cross contamination between horses
  • Semi-flexible endoscope – Retains position in URT
  • Full remote 4 way deflection
  • Optimal remote positioning of the endoscope in the URT
  • Remote automatic/manual air and water
  • Keeps the distal end of the endoscope clean & clear during exercise
  • Supplied with 2 rechargable batteries (1.5hrs each)
  • Maximise examinations during client visits
  • Adjustable scope & halter with endoscope retaining arm
  • Accommodates all size horses
  • Easy to set up – Time saving
  • Neoprene saddle blanket – accommodates the components
  • Notebooks with endoscopic software
  • Remote recording, remote viewing, AVI files, video review with slow motion & stills
  • Quality German engineering – Robust equipment.

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