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Video Gastroscope System

Precision German engineering and build quality make the Endomed Video Gastroscope System robust, reliable and portable making it the ideal system for clinic based and ambulatory use.

The system consists of a video endoscope and endocentre.


Our practice primarily works with performance horses; the lion's share are National Hunt racehorses which have a high incidence of EGUS.  Our business measures its success on the results of our clients, thus we need to ensure that they have access to modern diagnostic equipment to ensure their horses' health, which is what persuaded us to buy the gastroscope. I specifically like the clarity of images and reliability. Assuming you have the appropriate clientele, the equipment pays for itself and gives vets more definitive diagnostic capabilities, i.e. by being able to prove whether EGUS is the cause of poor performance rather than guessing. Not only are MED Equus professional and understand our needs but they provide excellent support in equipment care and maintenance. I recall a day when our gastroscope failed to work; we had 20 horses starved and waiting for examination.  Martin stopped what he was doing, and drove across numerous counties to bring us a replacement.  I've not seen that level of customer care from any provider of veterinary equipment before or since.

Tim Beauregard – Summerhill Equine Veterinary Partnership LLP



Diameter (mm) :  11 or 13
Length (metres): 3.3
Biopsy (mm)     : 2.8


At MED Equus we aim to offer quick service coupled with excellent customer satisfaction. Full servicing is available and service intervals will be advised based on usage to help lower costs. Whilst yours is away we offer state of the art back up/loan equipment so you are never without equipment.


  • Trade-in available
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