> NEW MEDView DV3 Airway


MED Equus provide comprehensive on-site clinical training, our handy “tips and tricks” will leave you with full confidence in your equipment.

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NEW MEDView DV3 Airway

"One imaging platform for all your endoscopy needs"

NEW state of the art, laser compatible titanium distal tip provides superb image quality and durability. The MEDView DV3 Airway is designed and manufactured to revolutionise your examination, diagnosis and treatment process.

  • Titanium, laser compatible distal tip
  • Silica engrained camera chip to prevent costly repair bills from moisture ingress
  • Lightweight - 9kg
  • 6 hours battery life
  • New hand luggage size
  • Integrated microchip reader
  • Split screen for pre and post treatment comparison
  • 9mm diameter
  • 27 inch touchscreen available for use in clinic


 There are a plethora of useful features that support an efficient way of working. We can provide demonstration videos, full training and ongoing support.






  • Diameter  - 9mm
  • Working length - 1.6m
  • Working channel - 2.8 m
  • Battery life - 6 hours, mains power back up supply
  • Portable battery - Battery insufflator for uterine work
  • Weight - 9KG (including case)
  • Software - Integrated Smart Inspector comparing real - time against saved images
  • File format - JPEG/MPEG4
  • WIFI - Built in
  • Bluetooth - Built in


At MED Equus we aim to offer quick service coupled with excellent customer satisfaction. Full servicing is available and service intervals will be advised based on usage to help lower costs. Whilst yours is away we offer state of the art back up/loan equipment so you are never without equipment.


Our expert team can answer any questions you may have about our products and services.