MEDView DV Gastro

"One imaging platform for all your endoscopy needs"

The MEDView DV Gastro completes the family of specialist equine products in our MEDView Endoscopy Range. Clinicians can easily add on a dental scope package or respiratory scope to the DV iHUB, utilising the same unique software platform.

Hand luggage size
Silica engrained chip
Battery powered
Set-up, Examination & Clean in under 30 minutes
  • Outer diameter: 11mm, fits inside a stomach tube
  • Length: 3.3m
  • Biopsy channel: 2.8mm 
  • Image: Ultra HD
  • Battery Life: 4 hours, mains power back up supply
  • Portable Battery: Portable battery insufflator and portable battery suction
  • Wifi: Built in Wifi
  • Bluetooth: Built in Bluetooth
  • Precision German engineering
  • Integrated text overlay
  • Hand luggage size-total weight of just 9kg (including case)
  • Silica engrained camera chip
  • Ultra HD camera chip
  • 4 way angulation
  • Equine Oeshopageal examination
  • Equine stomach evaluation
  • Equine stomach tissue sampling
  • Equine pyloric evaluation
  • Equine duodenum evaluation

MEDVos (MEDView operating software)


  • Split screen software allowing real time comparison against previous examinations
  • Instant wireless access to image and videos on iPhone/smartphone, instantly share by Whatsapp/email
  • The ability to save the above comparison to include in veterinary reports
  • Microchip reader compatible
  • Wifi enabled for live stream to iPhone/iPad/Smart device/Smart TV
  • Touch screen with QWERTY keyboard
  • Live recording timer with text overlay
  • Freeze frame functionality
  • Single button image/recording functionality from control body
  • Optional integration of Practice logo watermark
Trusted and reliable
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High-quality engineering
Our products are built with longevity and reliance in mind
Worldwide presence
We've delivered and supported our products in 32 countries