HDMI Pro Box and Touchscreen

One software platform 

The MEDView 27-inch touch screen and HDMI Pro box are powered by our state of the art operating system MEDVos.

The MEDVos includes the smart inspector software:

  • Split screen to compare real time against a previous set of examinations to highlight the success of the treatment 
  • Touch screen enable you to put patient details.

    Option to add your practice logo as a watermark

  • Using a smartphone/tablet you'll have instant access to files via WIFI which you can then share these files with your contacts/colleagues 

Split screen
Instant access to files via WIFI
Touch screen

MEDVos (MEDView operating software)


  • Split screen software allowing real time comparison against previous examinations
  • Instant wireless access to image and videos on iPhone/smartphone, instantly share by Whatsapp/email
  • The ability to save the above comparison to include in veterinary reports
  • Microchip reader compatible
  • Wifi enabled for live stream to iPhone/iPad/Smart device/Smart TV
  • Touch screen with QWERTY keyboard
  • Live recording timer with text overlay
  • Freeze frame functionality
  • Single button image/recording functionality from control body
  • Optional integration of Practice logo watermark
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